Has your life or a family member’s life spun out of control due to addiction? Are there family rifts the addiction has caused? There is help to break the cycle of addiction with a non 12 step rehab program. This means that there are not rigid steps someone must go through. Each individual is different and a specific plan can be designed to eliminate their addiction. Every individual that has an addiction must go through a detox process. The type of substance will determine if the detox will last for a few days or several weeks. The substance has to be eliminated from their system in order to stop the craving.

After the detox portion of the rehabilitation is completed, caring and compassionate staff will continue to assist someone with their underlying emotional or mental issues. This could include holistic addiction treatment, yoga, trips to the gym, process groups and individualized therapy sessions. Therapy sessions will be with a board certified therapist. The Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment will help change the behavior of the individual suffering from addiction. They understand that everyone is a unique individual and has become addicted to a substance for varying reasons.

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Each patient will receive an individualized treatment plan. These plans will be adapted to the patient as they progress through the program. They understand that an individual who may be 25 years old is at a different part of their life than someone that is 45 years old. Treating addiction could involve more than just the addiction to the substance itself. Traumatic events, injuries and other monumental things can lead to addiction. The caring staff at an addiction treatment center will work on building self-esteem with a supportive structure. The staff will be positive and not confrontational during this process.

Dual diagnosis addiction is very common. Mental health issues combined with addiction can be treated. Dependence on drugs could be caused by an underlying psychiatric disorder. The staff will never make the patient feel embarrassed of a mental disorder. They will walk with the patient on the path to recovery. Integrated addiction and mental health treatment can vastly improve the quality of an individual’s life.

Alo House Recovery Centers offers successful mental health care combined with addiction treatment for those that require it. They provide the highest level of care to their patients for the most effective treatment. Their goal is a full recovery from the addiction that has grasped their life.

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